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Are Your Employees Carding Enough?

We Card ID CHECK-UP training service can tell you for sure.

Now you can see how well your employees are incorporating their training into real world situations with the We Card ID CHECK-UP training service. As part of a complete We Card training program, ID CHECK-UPs can help make a big difference in employee performance in preventing underage tobacco sales. Click here for ordering information.

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Minimum initial order

3 months
1 check-up per month
Total price = $72 per location

Recommended plan
6 months
2 check-ups per month
(1 for tobacco, 1 for alcohol)
Total price = $288 per location

We Card ID CHECK-UP pricing
1 check-up = $24 per location

Easy. Affordable. Effective.

The We Card ID CHECK-UP service is easy to implement. Simply order your check-ups (We Card recommends 2 monthly checkups per store for 6 months). The checks will be performed. Your employees will get instant feedback and a report will be posted on a secure online web page for your review only. Click here for more details about the program.

Plus, this training service is very affordable — especially when you consider the costly fines and other penalties associated with failing a state compliance check. For as little as $24 per check, you can have a series of check-ups performed and know right away how prepared your employees are. For complete pricing information, click here. As with all We Card services and materials, we have priced the check-ups to ensure that you receive quality service at a low cost.

We Card ID CHECK-UPs work. With consistent checks, continued training and positive reinforcement, employee behavior does change and asking for ID can become more of an automatic response. The results speak for themselves. Click here to see for yourself.

This service works with any type or size retailer, whether you run a convenience store or a restaurant. Other retailers are already seeing the difference. Click to read what they say about the service.