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How Does It Work?

The We Card ID CHECK-UP Training Service is designed to help ensure that your employees comply with state laws. This service also allows you to make the most of your continuing investment in We Card training. Here’s how it works:

  Step 1 One of our check-up agents, aged 21-25, enters your store unannounced and attempts to purchase tobacco products.
  Step 2 If the clerk asks the check-up agent for ID, the agent presents the clerk with a green card. If the clerk neglects to ask for ID, the agent presents the clerk with a red card. This way the clerk knows immediately how they performed. If your store(s) use an age-verification device, our agents monitor the use of the device as well.
  Step 3 The agent then asks for the employee’s name and leaves the store to file a report with We Card.
  Step 4 Your report is emailed to you and archived in the secure area of the We Card website where you (and only you) can view the results.

The We Card ID CHECK-UP training service is priced at cost – making this service perfect for retailers of any size, whether you have one location or multiple stores across a wide area.

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As a non-profit organization dedicated to providing training and resources for preventing underage tobacco sales, We Card offers effective tools to help you comply with state laws, while pricing our products and services only to cover production and distribution costs. Our goal is to provide the highest quality training and display materials to you at the lowest possible price.