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How Much Does It Cost?

At We Card, we strive to make our products and services as cost-efficient as possible. We can offer the We Card ID CHECK-UP service to you at a low cost β€” $24 per check-up.

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We recommend starting out with 2 check-ups each month per location for 6 months in order to see the difference in employee performance. Compared to the fines and penalties you could face if your store fails just 1 state-run tobacco compliance check, the We Card ID CHECK-UP service represents a significant value.

However, you can place a minimum pre-paid initial order for just 1 monthly check-up per location for 3 months. For your convenience, the service will bill your credit/debit card for the initial 3 months, then on a monthly basis after 3 months. To cancel, simply provide written notice 30 days in advance.

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Minimum initial order
3 months
1 check-up per month
Total price = $72 per location

Recommended plan
6 months
2 check-ups per month
(1 for tobacco, 1 for alcohol)
Total price = $288 per location

We Card ID CHECK-UP pricing
1 check-up = $24 per location