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The Results Are Amazing

As part of the comprehensive We Card training program, the We Card ID CHECK-UP service is a proven, effective way to improve compliance and reduce risk of fines and other penalties.

After 12 months of routine, bi-monthly checks, retailers in the program improve their compliance rates by 40%! (See chart)

Time in Program Pass Fail
After 1 month 65.8% 34.2%
After 3 months 83.9% 16.1%
After 6 months 89.3% 10.7%
After 12 months 95.5% 4.5%

As state agencies continue to enforce age-sensitive product sales, tobacco compliance checks are likely to become more common. This makes reliable, effective training tools, such as We Card ID CHECK-UPs, even more important. After all, preventing underage tobacco sales is part of your responsibility as a retailer.

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At We Card, we recommend 2 monthly check-ups per store for at least 6 months in order to get a more accurate picture of how well your employees are carding and refusing underage sales.

At $24 per check-up, the service is well worth the investment – especially when you consider the fines and penalties that could result from just one failed state-run compliance check.

Remember, the We Card ID CHECK-UP training service should be just one part of your overall training program.