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e-Cigarette & Vapor Central
e-Cigarettes and vapor products are a growing category for many store channels, including vape stores that exclusively sell these products and accessories.

Both the federal government and the states regulate e-cigarettes and vapor products — as an age-restricted product — where retailers must identify and deny underage purchase attempts. 

The new national 21 year minimum-age law for tobacco and vapor products requires retailers to prevent e-cigarettes and vapor product sales to underage persons by asking for ID of every customer under 30 years old, confirming a customer's age, and denying sales to those under 21 years old. 

Attention Vapor Stores . . . we want to hear from you!
We Card has tools and training that are relevant to e-cigarette and vapor product merchants. If you operate a vapor store, we want to make sure we’re meeting your needs. We want to hear from you. Let us know what your challenges are and what ideas for We Card products or services you might need in the future. Throw us an idea or just give us your store address to stay informed. Comment here.

"e-Cigarettes" are included in We Card's eLearning
“Carding” for e-cigarettes and vapor products is part of We Card’s award-winning Employee Training Course. Our elearning course is suitable for traditional convenience stores and grocery stores as well as vape stores. The training includes state-specific law information, gaming, role-playing and lots of practice for employees who must ensure your store’s compliance with federal law, FDA regulations and state laws.
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Know your state law on e-Cigarette & Vapor Products
Most states now regulate e-cigarettes and vapor products as age-restricted. . . and that means you must NOT sell to minors. Know what the law requires . . . visit We Card’s Resource Center to get a summary of your state law, including the requirement to post state government-required sign(s) in your store. Not all states require signs.

New to Responsible Retailing?
Take our Best Practices Survey and get a FREE download of We Card’s Guide to Best Practices. It will help get you started on what you need to do to get your store and employees equipped and trained to comply with the law.

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