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21 Year Minimum-Age Resources

We Card's "21" Law Info & Resources

Federal Law - 21 Year Minimum-Age

A federal law establishes 21 years old as the minimum-age for tobacco and vapor products. It became effective on December 20, 2019. This is a national law in effect in all states and U.S. territories.

Use these resources to prepare your store and employees to comply with the federal law's 21 year minimum-age requirement. 

We Card's Training Booster Course - FREE - 10-minutes only

The 10-minute course is meant for all employees and retailers who have been trained already, and it's designed to raise awareness of the 21 year minimum-age law -- and importantly -- how to handle previous legal-aged customers who aren't aware of the new law. The course alerts employees to Ask-for-ID, and includes optional age-calculation practice, and a technique for denying underage sales with positive customer service.

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Put Up Fresh “21” Signs

Equip your store with signage and your people with age-calculation tools and training job-aids. Easy ordering online.

Signage Download, Print, and Display in your store
Under 21 No Tobacco No Vapor window-door decal
Under 21 - 2024 Age of Purchase Sticker - Tobacco/Alcohol
Under 21 - 2024 Age of Purchase Sticker - Tobacco & Vapor


Our bi-monthly mystery shopping program to check if store employees are “carding” for age-restricted products (tobacco, alcohol & e-cigarettes). Sign-up online, register your stores and access comprehensive online reporting of your stores’ red or green card performance.


We Card Age Checker app
Driver's License Bar Code Scanner

  • Simply card your customer.
  • Scan the bar code on the back of the Driver's License
  • Get immediate results of OK to Sell or Do Not Sell messages for the 21 year minimum-age.

Use with a Smartphone or Tablet or iPad.
Multiple tools to calculate customer's ages, and identify under 21 year old customers in order to deny age-restricted sales.

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