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21 Year Minimum-Age Resources

We Card's "21" Law Info & Resources Summaries

Prepare employees for the new 21 year minimum-age state laws. Get a free download of each state's new law's important basics, covering:

  • Any exceptions (e.g., military IDs or grandfathered ages - if it's in the law)
  • Minimum Age to Ask for ID (some states have boosted the age to "Under 30")
  • Age Restricted Products - Tobacco and Vapor
  • Acceptable Forms of ID
  • State-required Signage (if applicable)
  • Fines and Penalties for violations during compliance checks
State Effective Date Free Download
Illinois July 1, 2019 Illinois Summary
Virginia July 1, 2019 Virginia Summary
Delaware July 16, 2019 Delaware Summary
Arkansas Sept 1, 2019 Available in August
Vermont Sept 1, 2019 Available in August
Texas Sept 1, 2019 Available in August
Connecticut Oct 1, 2019 Available in September
Maryland Oct 1, 2019 Available in September
New York Nov 13, 2019 Available in October
Washington Jan 1, 2020 Available in November
Nebraska Jan 1, 2020 Available in November (changes to 19 year minimum-age)

We Card's Training Booster Course - FREE - 10-minutes only

The 10-minute course is meant for all employees and retailers who have been trained already, and it's designed to raise awareness of the new minimum-age laws -- and importantly -- how to handle previous legal-aged customers who aren't aware of the new law. The course highlights any state law exceptions to the 21 year minimum-age, alerts employees to Ask-for-ID, and includes optional age-calculation practice, and a technique for denying underage sales with positive customer service.

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Download State-Required Signage

Most states have government mandated signage. get information on downloading the sign or ordering it from your state government. Go to We Card's Resource Center (a free log-in area) to get your state sign. State sign information also included in the State Summary downloads listed above.