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21 Year Minimum-Age Resources

We Card's "21" Law Info & Resources

New Federal Law - 21 Year Minimum-Age

The new federal 21-year minimum age law for tobacco and vapor products became effective on December 20, 2019. This is a national law in effect in all states and US territories.

Use these resources to prepare your store immediately while We Card reprints and restocks our inventory to handle the unexpected immediate need for a nationwide demand for 21 year minimum age materials.

Signage Download, Print, and Display in your store
Under 21 No Tobacco No Vapor window-door decal
Under 21 - 2021 Age of Purchase Sticker - Tobacco/Alcohol
Under 21 - 2021 Age of Purchase Sticker - Tobacco & Vapor


We Card Age Checker app
Driver's License Bar Code Scanner

  • Simply card your customer.
  • Scan the bar code on the back of the Driver's License
  • Get immediate results of OK to Sell or Do Not Sell messages for the 21 year minimum-age.

Use with a Smartphone or Tablet or iPad.
Multiple tools to calculate customer's ages, and identify under 21 year old customers in order to deny age-restricted sales.

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We Card's Training Booster Course - FREE - 10-minutes only

The 10-minute course is meant for all employees and retailers who have been trained already, and it's designed to raise awareness of the new minimum-age laws -- and importantly -- how to handle previous legal-aged customers who aren't aware of the new law. The course highlights any state law exceptions to the 21 year minimum-age, alerts employees to Ask-for-ID, and includes optional age-calculation practice, and a technique for denying underage sales with positive customer service.

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