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Mistakes happen and even a well-experienced sales associate can slip up and illegally sell tobacco or vaping products to someone underage.
A customer comes to the checkout counter to buy a vape pod. The sales associate checks the customer’s ID, finds they are under age 21 and denies the purchase attempt. Then the customer’s older friend, who is of legal age, offers to buy it instead.
If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to order… while supplies last! As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and the We Card Renewal Kit has the full complement of materials to ensure your employees are ready for Federal or State compliance inspections.
In some states, retailers are fined for not having legally required signs in their stores. State laws vary significantly in their requirements for displaying signs at stores that sell tobacco and vaping products.
We Card’s message to retailers is to ramp up and renew training and compliance efforts during We Card’s 11th National Awareness Month in September as FDA steps up enforcement activities.
We Card learned through experience, thousands of surveys and research that successful training is an ongoing process, not a one-time encounter. Initial training followed by constant reinforcement will teach your employees what they need to know and do to prevent underage tobacco, alcohol or vapor sales.
Join the tens of thousands of retailers who are helping to prevent and discourage adult purchases of tobacco and vaping products on behalf of underage people.
ID Check-Up is a mystery shopping program that checks whether employees are properly carding customers for age-restricted products, including tobacco, alcohol, e-cigarette, and vaping products. Use it to find out how well your employees are incorporating their training into real-world situations and reinforce good habits in your entire staff.
We Card has a set of 16 best practices. We Card’s Guide to Best Practices is designed to help you establish a comprehensive program for your store to identify and deny underage purchase attempts of age-restricted products.
If the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) visited your store to check for tobacco or vapor product compliance, would you even know it? The answer is: maybe not. FDA regularly performs undercover buy inspections, often with a minor who tries to buy an age-restricted product, without revealing themselves to employees.


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