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That’s why during We Card Awareness Month in September, the national non-profit will focus on frontline employees – the cashiers – where the ultimate responsibility falls on whether or not to properly “card” and deny minors’ attempts to purchase age-restricted products.
E-cigarettes, vaping products, cigars and more products regulated. Come August 8, 2016, a new list of products in retail stores will be FDA regulated. Up until now, FDA regulated cigarettes, cigarette tobacco, smokeless tobacco and roll-your-own tobacco. The new list expands on August 8th to include:
and FDA issues new regulations on e-cigarettes and other products
Wouldn’t it be great if there were just four steps to full compliance with FDA regulations governing regulated tobacco products? For all the various FDA regulations, there are many steps necessary to comply.  Training employees is certainly one of them. However, FDA points out four “effective steps to prevent violations of the minimum age requirements for the sale of tobacco products.” They are:
Celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year . . . . . . with 29 Governor’s Proclamations & Letters recognizing September as We Card Awareness Month . . . seeks to boost responsible retailing awareness of tobacco, e-vapor and all age-restricted products.
The most severe FDA penalty for non-compliance just might come in 2013. It's called a "NO SALE" order, and it's reserved for tobacco-selling businesses with "repeat and serious violations." You might think there's no need to worry about your store, but let's consider the process that's underway.
In a recent FDA announcement, it has asked citizens to report "potential" retailer violations of the underage sales laws, advertising restrictions, and other requirements that FDA set forth in 2010.
Learn from the mistakes of others before it's too late! I've spent some time reading through the 5,500+ violation notices posted at and found some interesting things about what folks are doing wrong when it comes to passing an FDA compliance check.


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