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Resource Center

A collection of resources, guides, tools and information you can use to manage your elearning training and responsible retailing efforts.

FDA Requirements

We Card's Understanding FDA Requirements

Summarized requirements of retailers from multiple sources, including the Tobacco Control Act (Federal Law), FDA guidance on compliance with regulations and Tobacco Retailer Training Programs.

We Card's Federal Law and FDA Regulations Summary

a condensed set of descriptive bullets outlining what's required of retailers.

FDA-required Sign at POS

 If you sell cigars individually without packaging.  Alert:  Court injunction puts this requirement and Aug. 10, 2018 deadline on hold. Be prepared, Download We Card’s sign as a PDF.

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State Requirements

We Card's "21" Law Info & Resources Summaries

See the timetable of new “21” law effective dates. get a free download of each state’s new laws, how to obtain any new state sign requirements and a free 10-12 Minute Training BOOSTER course.

State Law Summaries

Find out about the laws in your state - including fines and penalties.  Click the map below to see summaries for all 50 states.

State Sign Requirements

In some states, retailers are being fined for not having the legally required signs in their stores.  Find out what the sign looks like in your state.

Minor License Visual Characteristics

Find out if your state has a specific minor's license and what its unique characteristics are.

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We Card Resources

We Card's Template for a Company Tobacco & Vaping Product Sales Policy

A recommended template to create a written policy.  Customize this Word document template and get your employees to read & sign the Acknowledgement. Keep a copy in their employee file.

We Card new Age Checker App

We Card’s new Age Checker App – Smartphone app that scans driver's license bar codes, calcuates customers' ages and provides "OK TO SELL" or "DO NOT SELL" messages for tobacco, e-cigarettes & vaping products and alcohol. 

We Card's Guide to Best Practices

An interactive PDF highlighting We Card's Best Practices and solutions to implementing them for your company.  To obtain the Guide, please complete our survey first.

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