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We Card’s History & Accomplishments

In 1995, a group of like-minded organizations got together to discuss what they could accomplish as a team to prevent the underage sale of tobacco. The answer became abundantly clear: training and education. After several brain-storming meetings, and many months of discussion and planning, these organizations established the Coalition for Responsible Tobacco Retailing and its now widely recognized We Card Program.

Over the years that followed, We Card gathered steam; and supporting organizations, representing retailers and law enforcement, joined the alliance. What began as a small training and education program in a few select states has blossomed into a nationwide effort to prevent underage tobacco, e-cigarette and other age-restricted product sales.

Now, 28 years later, the We Card Program is widely accepted across the country as the premier tobacco and age-restricted product training and education program. It works with retailers, trade associations, government officials, community groups and others to provide tools and training to retailers large and small.

To date:

  • We Card has held over 2,100 classroom training sessions in all 50 states in the U.S. and U.S. territories
  • Over 623,000 owners, managers, and frontline employees have been trained by We Card 
  • 44 state coalitions have been assembled to support state level training and education
  • 237 regional, state and local trade associations support the We Card program
  • Over 1.2 million We Card kits have been distributed to retailers nationwide
  • State government agencies in 25 states have supported the We Card program and at various times over the years; governors and state attorneys general have either endorsed or expressed support for the We Card program. Governors in 15 states issued Proclamations or Letters of Support for We Card Awareness Month in 2023.
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