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We Card’s Guide to Best Practices for retailers has come a long way and can help.
Federal government studies seem pretty clear as to how these products predominately get into underage hands.  Retailers should be aware of this information so that they can be best prepared to identify-and-deny underage attempts to purchase age-restricted products.
During these trying times of stay-at-home orders and social distancing the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has temporarily paused its compliance checks of brick-and-mortar retailers. 
Join retailers across the country in preventing underage access to age-restricted products by signing We Card’s Retailer Pledge. The pledge reaffirms your store’s effort to prevent underage access to tobacco and vape products, and to deny sales to adults who intend to share purchases with underage recipients.
Now that the national minimum age to sell vapor and tobacco products is 21, We Card Calendars are in stock and available via We Card’s online store. These calendars serve to remind employees of the minimum age to sell and are a valuable, quick reference tool to help cashiers quickly determine if a customer’s age is in line with the new 21 age law. Tobacco 21 Legislation (T21) became effective Dec. 20, 2019.
An Interview with We Card’s President on the Challenges Retailers Face Q:  How are retailers adjusting to COVID-19 and their responsibility to “card” customers safely? A:  First, and it goes without saying, we’re all amazed at the efforts retailers have made to adjust to COVID-19 to keep operating to provide food and products to the country.
ARLINGTON, VA— Right now all eyes seem to focus on retailer tobacco and vapor product compliance with underage access laws. 
21 is the New Minimum Age for DE, VA & IL Retailers and more states are on the way! Ten more states have changed their minimum-age laws, and your stores and employees need to be ready to comply.
Research shows a rise in youth use of e-cigarettes and vaping The FDA is further ramping up enforcement on retailers
We speak to retailers about training regularly; what makes good training and not-so-good training.  Ultimately, training involves important teaching elements — ensuring that trainees retain knowledge but also “learn by doing.”  Some folks subscribe to the idea that learning by doing is best.


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