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Free Kit FAQs


What is this new We Card Campaign?

We Card is supporting retailers to help address the problem of underage youth getting access to tobacco and vapor products 80-90% of the time through social sourcing -- such as adults buying or giving it to them.

These tested FREE campaign materials will help get the message across!

Which campaign should I choose? What’s the difference?

There are two campaign versions of:

You are free to choose either one that you feel is best for your store.
Recommendation: If you already post We Card signs in your store, then consider using the Be A Real Influencer version.

Where should I post this signage in my store?

Post these items where customers and employees can see them in your store:

  • at the front window-door
  • at the point-of-sale
  • in the employee breakroom

Are these signs meant to replace the existing We Card Signs?

No. These campaign signs are not a replacement for your We Card or other store signage efforts. This is an add-on program effort!